Stashbusting – getting creative with Featherweight










I can hardly believe it is true but after nearly five (5!) years I have finally knitted up the yarn I bought at knitcamp in Stirling the summer of 2010 – with only a couple of inches of yarn to spare. At the time I was on the hunt for something green. After searching high and low for the right colour I finally chose three skeins of manos silk blend Augusta (4635), a variegated yarn in green and white. A novice knitter at the time, I was attracted to the changes in colour and the incredible softness of the yarn.

Once I started knitting I couldn’t decide on a pattern. I felt a jumper would look to busy so I started to look for a cardigan and decided on Veera Välimäki’s Hooray cardigan. I just about completed the cardigan, which I still feel is lovely and probably will knit in a different yarn, but the reverse stockinette and cables did not work with the yarn at hand. I blame my stubborness for not realising this before finishing and I’m grateful that I was brave enough to frog it in favour of a much simpler design. The silk blend is incredibly soft and I got obsessed with the idea of being able to wrap myself in it. A modified Featherweight would be perfect! I had previously knitted two different version of the same pattern, both in lace weight. One following the pattern and one with larger front pieces. As the thicker fabric of the silk blend didn’t drape quite as easily as the lace I chose to add snap buttons at the top. The result is a light, warm and soft cardigan. It is knitted in one piece, including the edging, from the bottom up using the stitch count for a size XS. Each front piece has the same number of stitches as the back.

Pattern: Featherweight by Hannah Fettig
Yarn: Manos del Uruquay silk blend 4635
Needlesize: 4mm                                                                                                                            Link to ravelry project page

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2 Responses to Stashbusting – getting creative with Featherweight

  1. Gorgeous, I love the shape and colour. I still have a lot of yarn I got at knit camp to be used.

    • craftyally says:

      Thank you Kathrine. In a space saving attempt I’m trying to use up most of my stash. This seemed particularly challenging as it’s something I probably wouldn’t have chosen now. I’m very happy with the result.

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