Edinburgh Yarn Festival – the overdue blog post


A long overdue blog post about Edinburgh Yarn Festival that came and went quicker than you can say Indiana Jones. If you haven’t already, do check over at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival blog to take a look at our photo album.

Wee sheep Big Sheep

Big sheep Wee sheep. The Pom Pom sheep created by visitors in collaboration with CraftReactor

I had a wonderful time, and was slightly overwhelmed, meeting all the talented and enthusiastic knitters, some of which came baring gifts:


I received some  gorgeous swiss biscuits from knitter and volunteer Sigi (who is also the maker of these amazing recycled bags) and a set of beautifully handmade envelopes from Louisa of Cathnesscraft collective fame. Listen to Louisa’s podcast about EdinYarnFest which features a brief conversation we had on the day and an interveiw with Karina Westermann (Kari Bookish) who taught on the day but is perhaps better known for her lovely knitwear designs. Thank you! Such a treat! 🙂

At the end of the day I walked away, exhausted but incredibly happy, with a mere skein of Old Maiden Aunt Corridale 4ply. The ‘Aniseed’ colour complements the teal coloured corridale I dyed at a workshop at the Old Maiden Aunt studio many months ago and I’m currently combining the two to finish off my Larch cardigan.

Tired girl with CraftyAllybag

Tired girl wearing a CraftyAlly bag at the end of the day

Thank you to everybody who came along on the day and to all of you who helped to make this day so memorable!

The Edinburgh Yarn Festival was captured elsewhere by other bloggers:

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