Back from St Abbs

We had a really nice day out in St Abbs. The location is stunning and it was a crisp and sunny day (mostly). As I was working at my stall for most of the day I didn’t get a chance to go outside to take some photographs, but this was the view from my stall. Not bad! (even through a rainy window…)

There were some really interesting stall holders. It was the official launch of YarnPony‘s lush range of hand dyes and together with designer Jo Kelly they were launching a yarn/shawl pattern kit: Gilver. The pattern is a simple garter stitch that finishes off in a really interesting and unusual double edged picot edging (visible in the top left corner of the photo below). I can’t wait until the pattern is available as a ravelry download! I was also tempted by Jennie Howes’ hand spun..

A selection of my project and notion bags is now available in my newly opened etsy shop. I will update the shop as I make new bags and I also have some ideas of other things to put up there as we’re getting closer to Christmas. Please feel free to take a look!

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2 Responses to Back from St Abbs

  1. Sylee says:

    Really love the idea of these bags. Your fabrics are so pretty!

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