A Felted Hallowe’en: part 1

This weekend the Toddler and I emerged ourselves in felt as we made our first Halloween decorations.

20121021-215353.jpgWe started out by cutting out a number of bats in different sizes in black felt, folding the felt in two as I traced the templates onto the fabric. I based my bats on Tove Jansson’s bat drawings in Who Will Comfort Toffle as they were, after all, the inspiration to this project. (I will write more about this book in another post.)

I then attached the bats with black thread in a fairly random manner before tying them to the twigs. I love these twigs. The tree was a fairly large specimen that used to stand proud in the park before one of the early autumn storms brought it down. Looking jaggy and scary like witches’ hands they were perfect for the bat-mobile.

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2 Responses to A Felted Hallowe’en: part 1

  1. Katherine says:

    These are great! Looking forward to the Toffle post, we had an extract of that as a reading at our wedding.

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