Autumn has arrived.

Every morning en route to nursery A and I chat about the changes we see around us. The colours of the leaves in the park, trees blown over by the storm… This is, of course, after  the daily battle over the exceeding amount of clothing and knit wear we have to put on before rushing out the door. Personally I’m excited about the opportunity to wear more and new knitwear, and to explore new colour palettes.

Antony Gormley sculpture - Water of Leith

I am particularly excited to finally, finally, dig out the skein of 100% merino fingering weight yarn that I have been harbouring in my stash since early spring. I dyed it as part of a dyeing workshop at my friend YarnPony‘s studio. With its’ autumnal browns, greens and rusty reds, I knew this would be an autumn project.

One fascinating aspect of the dyeing process is that one is never quite sure what the outcome will be. Even less so than the completion of the knitted garment or accessory. This skein was the result of all the left overs from the other skeins I dyed simply being chucked in the dyeing bath, and I love the result. I don’t think I actively would have chosen these colours, autumn not being my colour, and therefore I seem to enjoy it even more.

I think I will turn it into a pair of socks, possibly Nutkin by Beth LaPensee. I am not usually a sock knitter, but I have cold feet. I think the pretty leafy pattern in Nutkin will provide enough interest to keep me going while knitting and manage to keep my feet warmer than a more lacey pattern.

Ps The top photo was taken in the Meadows, Edinburgh, last autumn. I never got a chance to speak to the artist putting up the installation, so if you know anything about it I am curious to know. 🙂

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2 Responses to Autumnal

  1. The yarn you dyed is beautiful – perfect for autumn socks! =D

  2. craftyally says:

    Thank you! I love when chance encourages us to try something new – if only moving outside our comfort colour spectrum! 😉

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