Late summer knitting

We have experienced one of the wettest summers since records began. Yesterday Edinburgh decided it was tired of being a city and turned itself into a river. But in my kitchen there is still summer.

On the sofa I have been indulging in some of the most beautiful and tactile of knitting as I’ve been working on a Featherweight cardigan for my mum.

The yarn is a wonderful Merino/Silk blend from Fyberspates in the Day colourway. I fell in love with the colour, shades of blues and greens – just like a summer’s day – and oh so soft, at a Fyberspates trunk show many years ago. Since then it had been sitting in my stash. I still loved the yarn, but lace? variegated yarn? It didn’t seem to be quite ‘me’. Despite what felt like endless hours on ravelry searching for the perfect pattern I couldn’t find the project to do this yarn justice.

After some time I noticed how these very colours were sneaking their way into my mum’s wardrobe and even her jewelry. A Featherweight for mum it is. I love knitting it up. The softness and delicacy of the yarn. Watching the colours paint the fabric.

Moreover, I am now one of those smug individuals who can say they began their Christmas knitting in August!  I hope my mum will like it when it’s finish.

Until then, there are still a few more days of our particularly wet summer to enjoy.

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