Colour Lovers: Blue

Being a new blogger Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 may be the best way to properly kick start one’s blog. Or the maddest. I jumped on the challenge to write seven themed blog posts along with knitters and crocheters all over the world. I am excited to see what people come up with this week and where this adventure will take me. I expect a crash course in blogging and possibly a few late nights. I definitely expect a lot of fun!

Day 1: Colour Lovers

I am religiously loyal to my blues. A brief look through my wardrobe or my ravelry project page will testify this. Occasionally I have flirted with the idea of making something more colourful but these efforts have often resulted in a lot of frogging or garments being left unworn on the shelf (sorry home-dyed cashmere mix Audrey). The picture below is a photograph of the samples I came home with after a dyeing workshop at Old Maiden Aunt‘s studio in West Kilbride. I experimented with blue, teal and black in different proportions and on different yarn bases.  I was intrigued by what different shades I could create within such limitations.


However, one thing I love about knitting and crocheting is the non-comittal element of the purchase of a skein of yarn. This allows a certain freedom in colour choices, even for the most conservative of knitters, and sometimes one can surprise oneself. I find it easier to buy a skein of yarn in a colour I might not be sure would suit me than I would a completed garment in a shop. My ravelry project page shows evidence of many projects in reds and purples. Although these tend to be limited to gifts and accessories I love how these colours sneakily have made their way into my stash. Somehow. Seduced by the colour and the softness of the yarn, one of the first garments I knitted for myself was in a Cherry red. I loved working with the colour and wasn’t really bothered with what the finished garment would look like.

ImageAs it happents I wear my Coraline a lot. Perhaps my stash will become more colourful in the future?

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4 Responses to Colour Lovers: Blue

  1. Angela Hockabout - Knit Luck says:

    Those blue samples make me want to learn how to hand dye yarns too.

  2. autumngeisha says:

    Your Coraline looks wonderful in red! Love the teals and blues of the hand dyed yarns, too.

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